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Touchscreen Interactives and Heritage Interpretation

“Through interpretation, understanding; through understanding, appreciation; through appreciation, protection.”
Tilden, Interpreting Our Heritage, 1957

Escrick Heritage

Escrick Heritage

Escrick Heritage is a community led project based around St Helen’s Church, Escrick near York, in the UK.
The Romans

The Romans

Two interactive touchscreen games on the theme of 'The Romans' for Tullie House Museum.
Thornhill Parish Church

Thornhill Parish Church

A set of 3 touchscreens for Thornhill Parish Church, including video, animation and a game for children.
Solway Wetlands

Solway Wetlands

We created and installed a travelling interactive touchscreen kiosk for Tullie House Museum.
Interpretation Services

We have listed the main services that we provide in terms of creating touchscreens and in heritage interpretation generally. Click on the titles to find out a little more about what we do.

Concept Development

So you have an idea, but you’re not sure whether it’s practical or possible. What is the best way to implement it? Could you be missing something? With a wealth of experience in this field we can help to answer these questions. We can create flow-charts and mind-maps to help you get to grips with your project. We will help you to come up with something really engaging and exciting to use, and which will help visitors gain more from their visit.


You may have reams of documents, and photos but no time to sort and refine. You may have some ideas but don’t have the time or resources to investigate. Our experience researching ideas and historical details means we can help.


If you have an idea for a project, but you are not sure if it will work, how much it might cost, or what the options are, then please consider commissioning some consultancy work. Our rates are surprisingly affordable. We can provide a clearly written report with costings and options and all the information you need to make an informed decision.


It is important that your interactives are inclusive so that all your visitors can learn and enjoy the interpretation. We have experience taking into account the needs of:

Wheelchair users

By ensuring that the touchscreens can be easily reached and used by someone in a sitting position. We have documentation and charts to help you plan your exhibition.

Deaf and Hearing impaired

Having a signer appearing on the screen will greatly enhance the experience for deaf people and extend your audience reach. We have considerable experience organising and filming a deaf signer using “green-screen” technology.

Deaf signer overlaid on Nantclwyd House interactive

Deaf signer overlaid on Nantclwyd House interactive

Blind and Sight impaired

Incorporating voice-over is a great way to include blind people in the interactive interpretation. Ensuring that all text is legible and has sufficient colour contrast is also very important.

Ease of Use

We always make sure that interactives are intuitive and easy to use. Whenever possible we will test the presentation with target user-groups. We feel this is particularly important when the interactive is targeted at children.

Graphic Design

We are able to realise your ideas with fresh, carefully crafted graphics. Graphics production may entail the creation of an intuitive user interface, the optimisation of photographs or the creation of colourful cartoon characters for children. We believe that the graphics should match and compliment the subject matter.

Video and Photography

Media Vision can create the video for your presentation. Examples of previous work includes ‘Green Screen’ techniques to overlay actors on a graphics background, time-lapse animations of a venus fly-trap plant, and a 5 minute documentary style programme complete with a presenter.

Ruthin Gaol touchscreen interactive

Actors overlaid with green-screen for Ruthin Gaol

We have contacts with historical re-enactment actors which can be a very engaging way to present social history. (More about Ruthin Gaol here)

We are also able to capture and edit archive footage.

Sound Recording and Audio

We are able to produce high quality audio for your project. We can create sound effects, produce, edit and optimise voice-overs or source stock sound effects or musical soundtracks.

We have high quality professional mobile sound recording equipment which allows us to create oral history projects or capture live sound effects.

Listen to a recent audio piece we created for The Museum of Cannock Chase coal mining museum.

It is a young miner’s first day at work and he is talking to one of the old hands as they descend to the coalface. Media Vision recorded the lift sounds, sourced background sound effects and directed, recorded and edited the final work.

Copywriting and Scriptwriting

We have a wealth of experience writing copy, both for the general interface of the interactives and for the labels and interpretative text. Proof-reading services by a qualified English teacher can be provided if required.

We are also happy devising and writing scripts for use in historical re-enactments and in games and animations.

Animation and Games Development

Some interactives benefit from animation – whether it’s to demonstrate a (mechanical) process, create a fly-around for an historical building, to engage through cartoon characters or simply to add movement and vivacity to the presentation.

Sometimes a game can help with interpretation and understanding. Children love to learn through play, and we have created innumerable games; from simple jigsaws and quizzes, to quite sophisticated and complex console type games.

Childrens Game - Dress the Romans

Childrens Game – Dress the Romans – Tullie House Museum

Audience Engagement

Any touchscreen interactive needs to engage with visitors. There is no point to a touchscreen if it doesn’t get used. We will always make sure we understand your audience by asking about your visitor demographics. We will take into account whether they are predominantly young people, school groups, families, senior citizens and so on.

We also make sure the touchscreens are fun to use. We aim to make sure the interactives are entertaining and engaging and above all that they tell your story.

Touchscreen Interactives

We have been creating Touchscreen Interactives for Museums, Galleries and Heritage Organisations for nearly 20 years.

With touchscreens and electronic media an established form of interpretation, there is a demand for well thought out, easy to use and attractive touchscreens.

When considering a new touchscreen presentation, there are lots of questions that come to mind.

Hopefully, you can find some answers on the left. But if not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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holst music boxHolst Museum touchscreen: interactive music player.
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